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Juan and Patricio

This argentinean duo have known each other since 1989. They might look like they are still in their 20s, but don’t be fooled by their good looks, they are getting old. After having been involved in the racquet industry for over 20 years, they wanted to fully engage into all the glamour that pickleball and platform tennis has to offer. Their simple premise? To give YOU, a fun, cool, top of the line paddle for a price that won’t make you have to eat canned tuna all of next month… We love canned tuna, but in moderation.  

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we love the fact that an $89 pickleball paddle and a $149 platform tennis paddle can put a smile on your face… and remember, saving that money can buy you tons of tuna cans.

How did you come up with the skullU name? Funny you ask... 

You might have heard how Juan and Patricio speak English. Let’s just say that two words come out of their mouths and anybody can tell that they were not born in Connecticut. Those who have met Juan know that he has a slightly hourglass (being politically correct here) Argentinian accent. When he pronounces the word “skull” it sounds more like “school”. While working on the brand name, he thought that with our products we can “school you” and… Voila! A light bulb went off and skullU was born. A skull that “schools you.” Just like cucumbers, skulls are very cool… AND the fact that you can now “scare” the competition, makes skullU the perfect edgy and cool badass name.